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This was a complex site for a two storey semi detached housing development in the centre of the City of Chichester.
The proposal was to create a new residential house close to the city centre but capture the view across the playing fields.
The site was situated in flood zone two so a flood risk assessment had to be submitted for planning applications. The more controversial and complex issue of the flood zone two lay in the planning act where a sequential test had to be proven. this was overcome by demonstrating the value of promising residential windfall schemes within an area of sustainable increase in housing.
The SIPs system superstructure was adopted as the most appropriate method for quick programmer, sustainable values and excellent insulation and air testing assurance. All windows and doors were sourced locally and by local joiners.

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Joy Architects Ltd is trusted team of architects who cater to all kinds of architectural projects across Chichester and Guildford. A diverse range of clients including private individuals, property developers, local contractors and local authorities have faith in us to deliver designs that effectively solve many structural and spatial challenges.

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